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Business Consulting

Alastair Laidlaw has over two decades of entrepreneurial business experience and can assist with a variety of different projects and business needs.   He thrives in start-up environments, working closely with executive teams where innovation and results are needed quickly. 


1) Branding, proposition development, business planning and fund raising.

2) Sales and Marketing strategy and channel development

3) Strategic Partnerships

4) eLearning & Online Training Platforms

5) All aspects of business video production and distribution (Podcasts, Webinars, Live Streaming & Events)


"Al's great — he's driven, gets the product, and is determined to achieve the goals set. We've worked a number of times together over the years and I'm sure we will again. He is can-do and pro-active."

Aidan Fitzpatrick
CEO Reincubate (Camo)


"Alastair delivers results that amaze and delight. He has an ability to make projects happen as a great leader of teams and with a passion for rapid results and relevant innovation. He combines this with superb, all round commercial acumen and a brilliant eye for luxury, retail and 'what matters' in a top end business."

Alex Cheatle
CEO & Founder Ten Group plc

"An excellent business negotiator, fantastic people skills, creative business mind, worked with very tight budgets in clever ways, very good branding vision and with an ability to get the job done, to a very high standard without any management."

Matt Warren
CEO Veeqo

matt warren_edited.jpg

"Alastair is the person who will remind you that anything is possible Alastair is the person who will forge every relationship you were afraid of and will monetize every opportunity you never took. If he's not already on your side, you're falling behind."

Patrick Moufarrige
Tactical Strategist (Various)

"I can’t recommend Alastair highly enough - not just for his skills in design but more importantly as a true business partner. Alastair works to understand the real essence of a business and its USP and then translates that into a product that really speaks to the customer. An absolute joy to work with!"

Alexander Marcham
Principal Marcham Advisory

Alexander Marcham_edited.jpg

"Without the support, knowledge and patience, I would not have been able to launch my consultancy in such a short space of time. Alastair went way beyond the call of duty to help me understand what was required and took me through everything calmly and rationally. If you want filming, website design, content, ideas, support and above all integrity, then you must call Alastair. I was lucky enough to be advised of his work, and now I am doing the same."

Michael Caulfield
Sports Psychology Consultant

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